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Flame Retardant

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Additional Info
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Technical Data

Flame Retardant
Salt-free Premium Formula

Restor® Flame Retardant is an advanced, non-brominated formula that is safe and effective on all natural and synthetic fabrics. This ready-to-use solution contains no salts, and therefore will not stiffen or adversely affect fabric texture. This product provides a superior protective treatment that will actually extinguish the flame.


Advantages and Usages

  • Safe and effective on all natural and synthetic fabrics.
  • Independently tested by the United States Testing Laboratories, and certified by the California State Fire Marshal.
  • Will not stiffen or adversely effect fabric texture.
  • Meets the requirements set forth by the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration), New York City Bureau of Standards and Appeals, NFPA (National Fire Prevention Agency) Class “A”, 701 (small and large scale) and UBC (Uniform Building Code) Class “1” rated.
  • Does not contain brominated compounds. User safe.

Customer Information

  • Hypoallergenic when dry.
  • Provides superior flame retardancy.
  • Nontoxic. Environmentally friendly.
  1. Shake gently before use.
  2. Always test for color stability before use.
  3. Do not dilute.  This product is ready-to-use. 
  4. Measure fabric to be treated.
  5. Apply with a hand-held sprayer at a minimum rate of 1/2 ounce per square foot (165 ml per m2) or until fabric is damp to the touch. Rayon fabric and vertical carpet should be treated with two consecutive applications.
  6. Product may be applied immediately after cleaning, while fabric is still damp.
  7. KleenGuard®, fabric protector, may be applied immediately after Flame Retardant application.


pH at use dilution: 7.00
Compound type: nonionic
Water solubility: complete
Freeze/thaw stable: slight
VOC compliant: yes
Shelf-life, years: 7+
Coverage, rayon & vertical carpet: 125 ft2/gl (3.2 m2/liter)
Coverage, all other: 250 ft2/gl (6.4 m2/liter)