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General Spotter

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Additional Info
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Technical Data

General Spotter
Alkaline Spotting Agent

General Spotter is a powerful, professional-strength spotter for use on obstinate spots commonly found on carpet and water-safe fabric. It may also be used to remove red dye stains by using the heat transfer process.


Advantages and Usages

  • All-purpose spotter that requires rinsing.
  • Safe for use on all New Generation carpet.
  • May be used to remove red stains with a heat transfer process.
  • Rinses easily and thoroughly.
  • This product does not contain Butyl Cellosolve.
  • User safe. Environmentally friendly.


Customer Information

  • Ready to use.
  • Leaves no soil-attracting residue.
  • Nontoxic. Biodegradable 
  1. Shake gently before use.
  2. Do not dilute. This product is ready-to-use.
  3. Always test for color stability before use.
  4. For spot removal, apply to affected area. Agitate. Extract or rinse thoroughly.
  5. For removal of red dye and other obstinate stains, use the following heat transfer process: Fill iron with water and set to “cotton” or high setting with the steam “on.” Thoroughly extract area, removing all bulk material and previous chemical residue. Apply General Spotter to affected area; agitate, then place a clean white cotton towel damped with water over area. Place iron on top of moist towel and depress for approximately 20 seconds. Repeat this step using a clean area of the towel. It is important to keep towel damp with water. If stain persists, repeat process. Rinse area after stain has been removed.
  6. For the complete removal of black filtration, dark carpet edges and toner spots, use Kleenrite BlackOut®. 


pH at use dilution: 9.70
Compound type: nonionic
Water solubility: complete
Freeze/thaw stable: yes
VOC compliant: yes
Shelf-life, years: 5+