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Kleenrite Chemical Distributors

When you order from a Kleenrite Chemical distributor, you save on freight and build a long-term, local relationship to assist you with your supply, equipment and service needs.

For delivery outside North America, please contact us directly for your nearest distributor.

United States

Outside the United States


United States
  Distributor   City   State   Website   Phone
All-Care Distributors Wayne NJ www.allcaredist.net 800-222-4707
Jon-Don Products Salem NH www.jondon.com 800-542-8090
Jon-Don Products Langhome PA www.jondon.com 800-201-5468
Excel Cleaning Supplies Fort Meyers FL www.excelsuppliesonline.com 800-909-3590
Excel Cleaning Supplies Sarasota FL www.excelsuppliesonline.com 800-909-3590
Jon-Don Products St Petersburg FL www.jondon.com 800-201-6313
Jon-Don Products Atlanta GA www.jondon.com 800-941-3260
Truckmounts & Cleaning Solutions Norcross GA www.tcsatl.com 800-981-2855
Heral Enterprises Little Rock AR www.heral.com 800-482-1104
Independent Distributors Dyersville IA   563-875-2012
Jon-Don Products Chicago IL www.jondon.com 800-936-3520
Hesco Niles IL www.hescoinc.com 800-822-7467
Full Circle Chemical Supply Kansas City MO www.fullcirclechemical.com 866-424-3648
Jon-Don Products St Louis MO www.jondon.com 800-941-3197
Brite 'N Kleen Omaha NE www.brite-n-kleen.com 800-538-4550
Hesco Columbus OH www.hescoinc.com 800-822-7467
Hesco Phoenix AZ www.hescoinc.com 800-822-7467
Industrial Chemical of AZ Tucson AZ www.ica-cleaningsupplies.com 520-327-6331
Tuscon Equipment Care Tucson AZ www.tucsonequipmentcare.com 520-829-7155
Central California Cleaning Supply Bakersfield CA www.cccsupply.net 888-815-3500
Empire Cleaning Supply Burbank CA www.empirecleaningsupply.com 818-238-9841
Uncle Sam's Distributing Culver City CA www.unclesamsdistributing.com 310-559-6070
Central California Cleaning Supply Fremont CA www.cccsupply.net 800-681-1944
Central California Cleaning Supply Fresno CA www.cccsupply.net 800-336-2829
Central California Cleaning Supply Fullerton CA www.cccsupply.net 800-920-1877
Empire Cleaning Supply Los Angeles CA www.empirecleaningsupply.com 310-527-0132
Central California Cleaning Supply North Higlands CA www.cccsupply.net 800-715-6360
Clean Hub Sacramento CA www.cleanhub.net 916-426-3100
Central California Cleaning Supply San Diego CA www.cccsupply.net 877-271-9988
Empire Cleaning Supply Santa Barbara CA www.empirecleaningsupply.com 805-957-1144
SuperDuper Company Torrance CA www.e-superduper.com 888-880-8968
Adco Pro Cleaning Supply Denver CO www.adcoprocleaning.com 800-447-0677
Jon-Don Products Denver CO www.jondon.com 800-201-4924
A&R Supply, LLC Albuquerque NM www.arsupplycompany.com 855-872-9702
Brady Industries Las Vegas NV www.bradyindustries.com 702-876-3990
ATEX Enterprises Austin TX www.atexwholesale.com 512-454-9898
SteamGenie of El paso El Paso TX www.steamgenieep.com 915-778-7474
Jon-Don Products Garland TX www.jondon.com 800-936-3512
ATEX Enterprises Houston TX www.atexwholesale.com 713-944-0319
Solutions to Go Boise ID   208-343-8100
Jon-Don Products Portland OR www.jondon.com 800-622-7629
Jon-Don Products Lynnwood WA www.jondon.com 800-941-2913
Jon-Don Products Seattle WA www.jondon.com 800-622-2624
  Cleaner's Warehouse Edmonton AB  www.cleanerswarehouse.ca 780-433-4973
  Ydann Clean Mexico City Fed Dist www.ydanncleandemexico.com +52 (0155) 2160-2182
  Kleenplus Terrugem Portugal www.kleenplus.com +351 (219) 616-535