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LeatherPlus® Leather Stain Remover

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Additional Info
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Technical Data

LeatherPlus® Leather Stain Remover
For use on protected or topcoated leather


LeatherPlus® Leather Stain Remover has been formulated to remove color transfer from protected or topcoated leather; however, it may also be used on suede, nubuck and any “absorbent type” leather after proper testing. This product will remove stains caused by blue jeans, newsprint, makeup and ink.


Advantages and Usages

  • Safe for use on protected or topcoated leather; on occasion this product may be used on suede, nubuck and other “absorbent type” leather.
  • Removes color transfer caused by blue jeans, newsprint, makeup and ink.
  • Cleans discolored areas, such as welts, arms, seat cushions and kickboard.
  • Restores original color.
  • Excellent for use in automobiles, boats and airplanes.


Customer Information

  • Hypoallergenic when dry.
  • Does not leave soil-attracting residue.
  • Keeps leather looking newer, longer.
  • User safe. Nontoxic. Biodegradable.


Do not dilute. Product is ready to use.


  1. Shake gently before use.
  2. Always test before use.
  3. For best results, leather surface should be pre-cleaned with LeatherPlus Leather Cleaner.
  4. Apply to a LeatherPlus Towel or white terry cloth towel. Gently wipe affected area. As towel becomes soiled, shift to an unused portion. For small spots, such as pen marks, apply product to a cotton swab. Repeat if necessary. Do not oversaturate. IF spot remains, use LeatherPlus Ink Remover.
  5. Re-clean treated area with Leather Cleaner to remove all remaining residue. On protected or topcoated only, apply LeatherPlus Leather Moisturizer.

* For optimum leather protection, apply LeatherGuard® or SuedeGuard® after cleaning.

  • Compatibility: protected, topcoated
  • pH at use dilution: 7.00
  • Compound type: nonionic
  • Water solubility: complete
  • DOT restrictions: none
  • Freeze/thaw stable: slight
  • VOC compliant: yes
  • Shelf-life, years: 3