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No Limit

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Additional Info
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Technical Data

No Limit®
Odorless Permanent Odor Eliminator


Restor® No Limit® is the ultimate deodorizing and odor absorption compound. This odorless product will alter odor molecules by means of a permanent bonding process, and continue to absorb additional odors beyond the initial application. May be used on non-porous and porous surfaces.


Advantages and Usages

  • Eliminates foul odors caused by urine, skunk, smoke, mildew, organic decay, petroleum fumes, garbage and more.
  • Fragrance-free; contains no soil-attracting fragrance oils.
  • Alters odor molecule on contact by means of a permanent bonding process.
  • Promotes a soil-free surface; contains exceptional anti-resoiling properties.
  • Safe for use on New Generation carpet, all water-safe fabric, wood, tile, concrete, mattresses, and in automobile interiors.
  • User safe.


Customer Information

  • Safely eliminates odor at their source.
  • Leaves no soil-attracting residue.
  • Hypoallergenic; reduces indoor air pollution.
  • Nontoxic. Biodegradable.
  1. Shake gently before use.
  2. For use on carpet and fabric, test for color stability before use.
  3. Dilute according to odor conditions.  For mild odor, dilute 1 part with 8 parts water.  For moderate odor, dilute 1 part with 4 parts water.  For severe odor, do not dilute; use full-strength.
  4. Apply with a sprayer, carpet syringe, mop or sponge.
  5. It is not necessary to rinse or extract. When heavily applied, carpet or fabric fibers might appear slightly stiff once dry. Vacuum, rake or brush gently to soften.
  6. For room deodorizing, spray upward into the air toward odor and away from eyes.
  7. When used in a non-thermal, ULV fogging unit, follow instructions provided by the equipment manufacturer.
  8. If desired, Kleenrite H2Odor fragrances may be added. 


pH at use dilution: 7.5
Compound type: annionic
Odor: none
Water solubility: complete
DOT restrictions: none
Freeze/thaw stable: yes
Shelf-life, years: 5+
Compatibility: BioEnz, H2Odor, KleenFog, Microcide SRS