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Additional Info
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Technical Data

Spin Pad Bonnet Cleaning Concentrate


SpinKleen'" is a fast drying bonnet cleaner formulated with citrus solvent. This product is for use with low-speed rotary floor machines to clean and deodorize without leaving a soil-attracting residue. Excellent for cleaning and maintenance in hotels, casinos, healthcare facilities and other high-traffic areas where low noise and rapid drying are essential. 


Advantages and Usages

  • Fast drying formula.
  • Does not leave soil-attracting residue.
  • Safe for use on all New Generation carpet and natural fibers, such as wool.
  • Excellent for use in high-traffic areas where low noise and rapid drying are essential.
  • Does not contain dye, perfume or chlorinated solvents.
  • This product does not contain Butyl Cellosolve.
  • User safe.


Customer Information

  • Deodorizes as it cleans.
  • Natural citrus scent.
  • Does not leave residue.
  • Nontoxic. Biodegradable.
  1. Shake gently before use.
  2. Always test for color stability before use.
  3. For light soil, dilute 1 part with 6 parts water.  For average soil, dilute 1 part with 3 parts water. For heavy soil, hot water extraction method is recommended.  
  4. Diluted solution may be used by either immersion or spray method:
    • Immersion method: immerse bonnet in bucket of ready-to-use solution, remove and wring dry; a down press wringer is recommended. Place bonnet under machine and proceed to clean using overlapping passes.
    • Spray method: spray ready-to-use solution onto carpet in small workable areas (50 sq ft) at a time. Moisten bonnet with water before placing under rotary machine. Proceed to clean using overlapping passes.
  5. As bonnet becomes soiled, turn over to use clean side. When both sides have become soiled, rinse in solution or water, wring and repeat process.


pH at use dilution: 8.80
Compound type: nonionic
Water solubility: complete
Freeze/thaw stable: yes
VOC compliant: yes
Shelf-life, years: 10+
Coverage, carpet: 600 sq. ft/rtu gallon (15 sq. m/rtu liter)